Comments weight loss surgery patients don’t want to hear anymore!

After asking the members on my Bariatric Girl Facebook page for suggestions it is amazing how many patients have heard the same comments.  While I am sure there are many other common comments, I created this graphic from their suggestions.  While the majority are serious I had to laugh out loud at a couple of them.  Enjoy!




















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2 Comments on “Comments weight loss surgery patients don’t want to hear anymore!”

Long story short surgery 2008, lost 105 lbs, gain 60 back after some depression & a messed up hip ( was very active walking Zumba kickboxing) I vowed today to take control back. I started the pouch reset. Stumbled on this website, wish I found it a long time ago.

It’s never too late Tracey. You can turn it around because I know several women who have lost over 60 pounds of regain. Please let me know how you are doing. I may have some information for you that would be helpful. Just send me a message through the site OK?

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