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Thank you Lisa Lampanelli!!

Lisa Lampanelli on Bethenny (TelePictures)

Thank you Lisa Lampanelli!  Yesterday I just happened to be watching an episode of Bethenny and even more unusual I was actually watching in real time.  The words were being said but my brain wasn’t really comprehending.

“Weight loss surgery, lost 52  pounds,  healthy and happiness”.  After I recovered from my shock I collected myself and backed it up and watched again….and again…..and then again.   Next I searched the internet because I usually know exactly which celebrities have weight loss surgery and found out she was announcing her weight loss surgery on that show!  She and her husband Jimmy both had the Gastric Sleeve 8 weeks apart.  Lisa was brave and went first.  A portion of the segment can be seen in video below.

Bethenny asked her why she considered surgery and Lisa said the doctor asked “Have you noticed that you don’t see a lot of 70 year old people that look like you?” When asked about the cost (she self paid) Bethenny compared it to an expensive plastic surgery but Lisa was very quick to correct that assumption.  Lisa told her the surgery saved her life!

Lisa shared our typical story….tried all the diets on earth and lost weight initially but gained more after each diet.  One of the interesting parts was admitting she felt her emotions more because she wasn’t stuffing them down with food.  It sounds like she’s getting the necessary psychological support to help her deal with why she ate in the first place.

And even cooler…..Lisa didn’t contact one of the diet plans to get paid for losing weight with their diet when she actually had surgery.

WOW a celebrity that just stepped out there and told it like it was.  You go girl!