The Biggest Loser

As I sit here and watch “The Biggest Loser”, I feel so many different emotions. Not even knowing where to start, I suppose I’ll begin with how they showed each person the age of their body inside….versus their actual age. Each contestant looked appropriately shocked. As I look back on the many years I was morbidly obese, I was appropriately shocked every day but there was absolutely NOTHING you could have told me that would have made me want to lose weight any more than I already did. Scaring me thin just wasn’t possible. I wanted to be thin so badly that I would have sold my soul….and that’s pretty scary.

I tried it….
Problem #2
When the weight is lost on the show, what will be done to keep the weight off? If only I had a actual number of total pounds lost in my life. Of course whatever it was, I still ended up at 260 the night before surgery.
OK, I know. Somehow I manage to remember that it is TV. This is where everything departs from reality…even reality TV.
On to the real stuff.
Yesterday Debra wanted pictures made of her grandchildren. If you don’t know who Debra is, go to Of course I’d do anything for Debra but I’m glad she asked because I received so much joy out of giving her something that would bring joy to her. This is her granddaugher.
Debra said that if I had seen pictures of her when she was a baby…they would have been twins.
Debra also cracks me up because she calls her grandchildren by nicknames. This beautiful little girl is called “Chubs”. Adorable!!
It gets funnier though because she has a grandson too. He’s just as much of a cutie as Chubs is.
This is Stromboli. Adorable again.
I never had kids so I can only imagine a little what it’s like for Debra to have grandchildren. Even better though…
Debra will be able to watch those kids grow up and take them to all the places she couldn’t go when she was obese.
Way to go Debra! You are definitely one of the cutest grandmas out there girlfriend.
Thanks for “inviting” me to take their pictures because it reminded me of some of the beautiful things there are in this life….and it reminded me of the magic of photography.
Will they ever see this?
but only if they do a search for Chubs and Stromboli.
blessings, Yvonne
p.s. I finally got some of the site up. You can see that at
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