Giving Oprah a weight loss surgery break.

Today I heard Oprah and Dr. Oz are in the process of suing several companies who claimed they endorsed a particular product…one is called acai berry. After this product appeared on the show, the company went crazy selling the stuff, touting endorsement with pictures of both Oprah and Dr. Oz on the product. They finally said “not so fast”. Lately it seems I can’t go anywhere on the internet without beng assualted by acai berry ads. This is the phenomena of Oprah. Any time she endorses anything or even looks like she is, the product becomes an overnight success.
So let’s assume Oprah were to have weight loss surgery. First of all she has to deal with the cameras on her 24/7.

Will she fail?
Or scarier, will she succeed?

If she succeeds, I can only imagine all the masses of uneducated people following suit….wanting surgery….thinking it is a magic pill. As much as Oprah does, if she were to have WLS she would cause thousands to suddenly seek it out. There are not enough docs or facilities available to handle all the people that would follow her. And then she would have to deal with the possible deaths that would could occur from sheer numbers of percentages. That would be more than she or the Oprah empire could handle.

Oprah is also human and surely she has fear just like the rest of us. Don’t you believe that she is also feeling like she may fail yet again just like we all thought? And if she doesn’t fail and actually makes it work, there will be a massive stampede. In a way Oprah is between a rock and a hard place. Even if she spent tons of time educating people about the process there would still be the irresponsible souls that would do it anyway. When they fail because of inadequate education, it would be Oprah’s fault.

Wow, never have I been so grateful not to be in Oprah’s place. Yep…. she has fame and fortune but not only does it not make you happy, sometimes it is the very reason you have backed yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of.

Be careful what you ask for….
Be grateful for what you have….
And most importantly, no one has a perfect life because of being skinny or having tons of money.
And best of all…maybe…just maybe the acai berry will go away.

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I think Oprah has done great things, changed people’s lives, has educated herself and others along the way but there is one area where I felt she was biased.  She made great strides regarding food addiction.  Her series about food addiction on OWN was…

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