More Musings from a Post-op January 2010

This is some incredibly important information from my friend Lulitu’s profile and since she offered it in her signature, I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it. Very important stuff about artificial sweeteners.
From my friend Lulitu: (thanks Lulitu)
I begin my anti-maltodextrin (spenda/equal) crusade today!
A little background:
I am a Sugar Addict. After my RNY I became completely sugar intolerant, so to “Feed the Need” I switched to the fake stuff. I was at the point that I was adding it to everthing I ate. I do mean everything. At work I would go out and get a salad and add equal to the salad dressing, A Lot! Then 2 1/2 hours later I would be a Shakey Mess (low blood sugar) and have to eat again. It crossed my mind that it might be the sweetners but I wasn’t willing to look at it.
So this summer I had a Total hip replacement and have been off work. This gave me time to start learning about these substitutes and what they were doing to me. So here is what I’ve found: Maltodextrin turns into a Carbohydrate in my body, and when eaten in larger amounts drives up my blood sugar, and because I am a hypoglycemic drops it, dangerously low at times. As a carbohydrate it also makes me want to eat more. Since cutting out adding these substitues to my meals I have dropped about 18 lbs (weight that I had started to put on) and Feel much better.
If you’re having trouble with your blood sugar, or beginning to regain weight, or feeling hungry a lot, you may want to take a look at how much artificial sweetners you taking in. I am amazed at what has maltodextrin in it. I know I am sounding a bit ‘Preachy’. But I feel SO strongly about this, and I want to see all my oh family succeed, and be healthy.
Be Well My Friends
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I feel like I’m a sugar addict…before and after RNY. I really envy people that could care less about sweets. I’ve always had a problem with sweets,but I really did seem to do alot better for awhile after RNY, but lately I feel like I simply can not get enough sweets! I hate myself for eating the very things that I know I should not have,and I know exactly what it will do to me,but, I do it anyway!!! I’m frustrated, disgusted, angry with myself,and pray everyday for strength not to eat sweets!!! How do I find out what food/drink,etc, has maltodextrin in it. I use approx.3-4 sweet-n-low a day,and I use one 0.08oz(2.26g) Crystal Light divided into 2 of my protien shakes.(I know CL has maltodextrin in it). I walk(treadmill in winter) 4-5miles,(12minute mile),4 days a week. I realize I could do alot more to help me thru my journey. One thing I’m realizing is that I need to be on and read, read,read support group help topics like this one. Thank you, and Yvonne for everything that you do!!!

One of my most memorable moments was at the ASMBS (the biggie national event for Bariatric surgeons) and a very well known doc said “sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to man”. When I created that sugar poster, my friend asked me to make maltodextrin bigger because that one really got to her. The first thing I would suggest is to Google “sugar addiction”. The one common denominator seems to be that you cannot wean yourself but should get it out of your house. I did it with basic food aversion. I look at sugar as poison ….. the substance that will return me to my former size. Some people ask if I feel deprived and I don’t but I would feel very deprived from all that I have accomplished if I allow sugar to win. Sugar makes you feel bad…it messes with your body. Education is power and again I lost the cravings by stopping it. I also imagine it will make me deathly ill. I might be able to eat it but I don’t want to find out! Is it easy? No…but most things worth doing are not easy. One of the sites I looked at has a great deal of info and you might start
here: There are many great resources but admitting the problem is a great start don’t you think? It sounds like you are doing some great things to move your body and you should be congratulated for that! Keep on reading and feel free to discuss anything you’d like OK? Hang in there…..this is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight!

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