A day that will live in history for the WLSFA

March 23, 2011 will forever be a day that will live in history for the WLSFA.  If you could have possibly missed the story you can see the previous posts here.     

The pre story     

Jim, Toni in back. Connie, Alfred, Rosemary seated.

 And this one     

And their video here     

Toni had a dream…and that was to help people get weight loss surgery when they’ve been denied over and over and over.  Connie was denied for ten years and if that was not difficult enough she watched her twin sister thrive after losing 300 pounds when she was approved for weight loss surgery over 6 years ago.      

Connie has finally had her day and that’s because of the vision of Toni Namnath.  There are so many involved that made this happen.  The WLSFA board with all the members, our hospital angel Trudy, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Robert Davis and so many more.  In a perfect world that is the way it works….many people come together working  for a common thread and if everything goes just right, the miracle happens.      

The miracle happened….     

And if Toni has anything to say about it, she’ll be doing this as many times as she can.     

See ya on the other side
Connie waved at me as she walked through the door.  Just walking this distance with ease would have been impossible for her a few months ago.  She joined the gym and got busy and dropped over 60 pounds all by herself before surgery.   
And don’t forget that we will all be celebrating at the Mother of all Meet and Greets and if you look at the AGENDA it will knock your socks off if you are wearing any!  
So look at this picture of Connie but don’t expect to recognize her the next time you see her.  Pretty soon we will be saying “is that Connie or is that Rosemary?”
…and that’s a good thing.
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HOOOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYY! Thank you, Toni and ALL who support the WLSFA and the bariatric community! Great post, Yvonne! THANK YOU!

Check out this video! Some of the beautiful shots I got to take with the big boy camera. A wonderful member put this video together. You tube member Skymoon1982.

so proud and happpy that connie finally got her surgery i can not wait to be walking in the same paths yall have or others have or that others will im almost done with my stuff but i still have 2 more months and i have to loose 12 pounds and i know i can do it so happpy that connie is on her way and one day we will see pics of her and rosemary and say who is who

Thank you Carolyn. Isn’t it exciting? We were so high tech that we were literally just about broadcasting live. There is already an incredible video up that I need to link to and I’ve talked to Rosemary 3 times today and Connie was sitting on the couch the last time I called. I’m so pleased for you. You can get those 12 pounds off and maybe even more! Keep us posted OK?

I am just SO excited for Connie, and evrything you and wlsfa has done to help her. She is one lucky lady, and God has truly blessed her! I’m so impressed by the “full coverage” that you all have given for this wonderful “gift” being give to a very deserving woman. I just believe it’s so wonderful that this wslfa organization has been established, and has just made their 1st “miracle” come true!! May God Bless you all!!

Thank you so much Roxie. We really appreciate the nice words about full coverage because we were working hard to cover it. I think it kept us from being so nervous too but in a way I wasn’t even scared about the actual surgery. When you actually know the men that are doing it…and you know what a good good man both of them are…wow, it just doesn’t get better. I knew Connie had the very best care. There were so many good people working for the same thing and it was a wonderful experience to see what can be done when someone has a vision and it comes true. And you are exactly right, Connie is so very deserving. Thank you again.

What a Great Video that was made for Connie ! I believe there should be a movie next, It could be called “For the Love Love Connie, A Weight Loss Story” LOL
I’m so Happy for her !!

Such a wonderful post and pics! Definitely a day to remember! 🙂

Yvonne, Your photographs are lovely and one of them will grace the cover of the May/ June OH Magazine!
I want to THANK Yvonne  for being a founding supporter of the WLSFA. Yvonne is on our Advisor Board and has helped me through many difficult situations, that lead directly to this FIRST dream coming true. I will be leaning on you hard my friend for there is much work left to do. It is true Yvonne on surgery day all of the picture taking, filming, texting etc. kept us so busy the hours Connie was in Surgery just zoomed by. Like you I had no worry for her in the hands of two of the BEST Bariatric Surgeons on earth.  I will write more on the WLSFA web site, just wanted to say THANK YOU and lets do this again soon!

Thank you my love. You know how I feel about you and the WLSFA. Now we get to sit back and watch Connie bloom while the work continues.

It will so exciting to watch Connie’s journey toward regaining her health. I’m so bummed I was unable to be there, on surgery day, but I look forward to having lots of (((skinny hugs))) in the future!!!

The videos were beautiful. I am having bypass surg on Wed 6/22/11 and I am scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time. I am 320 lbs and cant wait to start life all over again. I will try and give yall an update when i get home but until then keep up the good work and words of encouragement.

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