Connie, Rosemary and Dr. Garth Davis on Houston TV!

Twins Experience Weight Loss Surgery:

*Note – My Fox Houston unfortunately removed the link.

How cute is this?

Twin sisters that will be twins again.

Thank you  (Toni)

Thank you Dr. Garth and Robert Davis.  Connie’s dream came true….literally.

Wow…this week so much positive television coverage of the miracle of surgery.

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2 Comments on “Connie, Rosemary and Dr. Garth Davis on Houston TV!”

Yvonne. they are naturals in front of the camera! I would have been shaking in my cowgirl boots!
This is just the beginning for the WLSFA and the Twins. I think we will see a lot more of them on TV!
Yvonne as always thank YOU for helping us spread the word. YOUR PHOTOS were on TV too  how cool!
Hugs to you!

Yvonne –

Thank you for posting this! Awesome interview by Rosemary and Connie! A HUMONGOUS thank you to Antonia for creating the WLSFA! The more we can all do our part to get the message out that WLS SAVES LIVES the more people will have the surgery and change their own life (and those that love them) for the WAY BETTER! Hugs to you. 

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