Choose your hard…

Bariatric Girl choose your hard


I’ve tried saying the same thing but could never quite express myself as well as this.   The author unknown.

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2 Comments on “Choose your hard…”

I’d like to volunteer to be the HARD you choose, Yvonne! (And yes, I still have your autographed pics on the wall in the Control Room of my hydroelectric dam!)
Hope you’re well! I’ve kept all the weight off & muscled-up nicely, and still manage to run between 5 & 10 miles every 10 days or so. Love, Woody

Woody where have you been?? I’ve missed you so much. Join me on my Bariatric Girl Facebook page OK? Good for you for keeping the weight off! I kind of thought you would be one that did. Let me know if you are ever coming to Dallas!
Hugs, Y

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