Did Paula Deen have weight loss surgery?

Paula Deen

Did she have weight loss surgery?

Will we ever know for sure?

I doubt it.

Here are the reasons I think she did.  First of all she has diabetes.  We all know that many post-ops are no longer diabetic before they leave the hospital and that would be an excellent reason for her to make this choice.  Of course the only problem with that is her new gig for a diabetic drug.  Can she represent a product she no longer needs?  I don’t think so and that would be the primary reason I believe we will never truly find out.

The second and most obvious hint is the rapid weight loss.  OK guys we’ve all done extreme diets and couldn’t get results like that.  She attributes the thinner body to portion control.  If I’m wrong about this I will apologize profusely….but I don’t think I’m wrong.

The third hint is that statement about “Oh I don’t know how much I’ve lost because there are no scales in the house”.  She admits to losing two pant sizes.  If she were to have to admit the exact amount of pounds we could put a pencil to it and say “yep that’s surgery”.

At first I was upset because I thought this was yet again another example of WLS shame.  Star Jones tried so hard to hide her decision because she didn’t want to be a poster child and it failed miserably.  We also hide it because we are afraid we will fail and the stigma is still so alive and well.

Paula has a bigger reason to hide it.  She’s being paid the big bucks to promote a drug.

This is just food for thought but I’ve got a feeling we’ll find out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried before we find out the truth about Paula Deen.

Paula Deen

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30 Comments on “Did Paula Deen have weight loss surgery?”

If she did, good for her! It’s about getting healthy.  The drug promo? Maybe she feels it is a good chose for those diabetes that are not good candidates for WLS.  I love Paula!

That’s a good way of looking at it Jacqui! This post is so out of my usual style but I think some old feelings of resentment surfaced and I’ve long said we cannot afford to feel resentment! I know of some celebrities get the surgery and take money for another diet plan. It bugs me and I have to get over it because it definitely falls under those things I cannot control. I’m probably still a little disappointed at her keeping her diabetes secret for 3 years only because her cooking has a direct affect on obesity. I heard a 911 call of a man that shot himself (but has so far lived) who did it because he was scheduled to go to the hospital to have some more toes amputated and he didn’t want to live anymore. He admitted he was a bad diabetic. This disease is so fixable and with the rise of obesity there will just be more diabetics and some of them will be bad. I think this post just ended up being more about my emotions about preventing obesity and being honest about weight loss surgery because it gets such a bad reputation. I have my off days too but it still serves to make me and others think. Thanks for your post.

We will have to watch her new episodes to find out what she’s cooking. Because can she really eat all the butter and sugary stuff? Will be interestingn to watch. Could be she had lapband and she will always be diabetic with tha surgery, right?

thanks for sharing.

Actually Regina lapband can resolve diabetes too! It might take just a bit longer but it certainly works. It’s funny I never watch cooking shows because for me it’s more like food porn. I have to keep what I eat very boring or I will be likely to be tempted to eat things I don’t want to. I literally don’t even cook anymore. I can grab lean meat, cottage cheese and things like that and use my food for fuel. No more “sex in the plate” for me. I wish her well….I tend to want complete honesty but I have to understand it is beyond my control and have to get over it you know?

Well actually if she truly is taking Victoza the drug she is endorsing she may not have had weight loss surgery. They have been talking about this drug and the fact that although the patients started taking it because they are diabetic it has shown to cause weight loss. I started researching it and there arebpeople taking it that are not diabetic that are losing weight as well. It is not insulin but stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and with a proper diabetic diet has been shown to reduce weight and rapidly. It also suppresses the appetite as well so that helps. In fact doing research I found that there are post surgical patients battling regain that are taking it and seeing results. 
I do know how you feel about people especially celebraties that have surgery and do not forward. It strikes a nerve for me too! But I happen to know someone that is having this side effect of weight loss as well.  So it very well could be just the medication she is taking.

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to research this a little more. Of course she didn’t say she was taking the drug yet but maybe that will come out later. I will keep an open mind but I look at the pictures at the bottom of my post and she has had a dramatic loss. We’ll see how much she loses and how fast. I wonder if people lose weight with this drug that aren’t diabetic and will it be abused for that? Is that dangerous too? I believe I heard it is very expensive and I’m not sure if insurance covers that cost and will insurance cover it if you aren’t diabetic? Again I just don’t want others to compare themselves to her and feel like a failure because they didn’t get the same results when she might have had surgery. So many questions….thank you for your interesting reply!

Of course she did! She can still promote a product that helps people with Diabetes, why not? She can even say she’s taking it if she’s not. Who knows what goes on in her home and what meds she’s really taking? It will never be known due to HIPPA laws. anyway, I wish her well, and those others who also had the surgery and are ashamed, I say, shame on them. If anything, they should be proud of the hard work and difficulty it is, going through it, and they have an opportunity to REALLY help others who NEED the surgery and need some encouragement. Alison Moyet (singer) is another one..take a look at her photos over a year’s time.. Us obese folks don’t just drop weight in our 40’s-50’s by cutting portions sizes, not THAT quickly, anyhow, and the success rate in our age group is slim to none.

You know another thing to consider is just how difficult it is to stay on top with your career. That’s exactly why I never wished to be famous. I’ve even seen it on a smaller scale with people that have been on weight loss reality shows. They are plucked from obscurity and go on the instant and fast ride to fame. If you can’t stay there you feel like a failure. If you go on The Big Loser and win big, you are famous. If you gain the weight back you practically have to isolate and die a slow death of failure. The pressure is enormous. With Paula she obviously took the three years since she was diagnosed as a diabetic to figure out how on earth she could maintain her career and I feel great compassion for her because of that.

I know of two celebrities that pushed a diet or a diet product that in fact had surgery. I cannot reveal my sources but they are highly reliable. I suspect at least a couple more celebrities that have done it also. It is the perfect situation. You get paid to be a spokesperson and you lose weight pushing a product that isn’t causing the weight loss. You can probably imagine how top secret it would be. As I have said in many responses I am most disturbed by anyone getting surgery and saying it is something else because people buy into the scam and then feel shame for not getting the same results. It’s really no different than an actress that gets a secret face lift and pushes a cosmetic that she gives all the credit to. As we all know, anyone that has the surgery must follow a program of some kind, get some support and find someone to be accountable to. I am very happy she is getting healthy but if she had the surgery she should be open about it because there’s always the possibility of it leaking out and that would damage her integrity. It is almost an impossible position to be in and I’m glad it isn’t me.

Oh and I’ll give you an AMEN on not dropping weight in our 40’s-50’s (and older) by cutting portion sizes. It gets harder the older you are but that’s OK. I’m going to fight hard to keep what I’ve got!

i have diabetes and its hard for me to lose weight. how did she do it so fast. i am tired of having this disease. i have to do insulin 4 times aday. i am stressed out all the time. I NEED HELP.

Lisa I was checking old messages and found yours. Missing a comment from someone is my worst nightmare. I’m so sorry. How are you doing? It IS hard to lose weight. I tried everything except for shooting up meth over 30 years of obesity. I knew I’d end up diabetic if I didn’t do something. I was very fortunate to have weight loss surgery covered and it saved my life. It isn’t easy under any circumstances but I finally lost half my weight and kept it off. My heart breaks for you having to do insulin 4 times a day. I really don’t know anything about the drug she is endorsing so it could or could not be something that might help you. Again I’m sorry I missed your comment. I’d love to hear how you are doing now.

I don’t know Yvonne! It’s debatable. You’ve met my sister (remember? at DFW with the Ali-cat transfer debacle), she was diagnosed with Type II last fall. Since then, she has really gotten behind her Diabetes, uses portion control, exercises and takes oral meds every day. Since diagnosis, she has lost about 45lbs. and it has been rapid weight loss. It could be that Paula Deen has NOT had surgery, but is managing her Diabetes. Just my opinion, ya know??

Hello Mari!! How’s that Ali cat? You made me laugh “Ali-cat transfer debacle”. I’m so glad your sister has been able to drop that weight. How long did it take her to lose the 45 lbs.? I’m guessing it was not as instant. After seeing the 20/20 show about how much the celebrities are making off the diets, I’m in shock. The average celebrity makes $30.000 per pound lost. I believe they said Valerie Bertinelli makes $60,000 per pound. Jessica Simpson just signed with Weight Watchers for 6 million. Now I understand this much better. Maybe they have surgery and don’t tell because there is so much money to be made. At any rate…I have to let it go because it is something I cannot control. I think I got caught up again because I think Paula has that “look” that we know so well. Perhaps it’s the new meds that Donna talked about really do cause rapid weight loss. That’s really a stretch for me though because big bucks are spent to find the newest, easiest magic pill. Who knows….every time I see her she has lost a bunch more. I’m sure it will never be public info. I want to repeat though….the reason I am concerned is because other women may try “portion control” and lose nothing like Paula has and will feel like failures. It’s not apples to apples you know?

I’m so glad your sister is managing her Diabetes. It’s no fun to have. She was such a trooper at the airport and I nearly got arrested because I wanted to go after Ali cat. Love and miss you Mari!

I love Paula Dean! I have been using Victoza for high blood sugar and I have lost 50 lbs. The  meds make you feel like you have had lap band surgery.

I would love for you to go into depth. How long did it take you to lose the weight? Did you lose the weight because you don’t feel hungry or do you just feel better? If you feel better does it diminish at all from the time you first started taking it? I’m also a “little” concerned about people trying to get this med to lose weight when they don’t have high blood sugar. I wonder what it would do to someone who doesn’t need it? (I have a lot of questions don’t I?) Do you know others that take it and have they lost weight? Did your doctor tell you that you might lose weight or that you would lose weight? I have even more questions if you can believe it. One more….I wonder why Paula hasn’t said anything about losing weight because she’s taking Victoza? She says it’s portion control. Thank you so much for replying!! I want to know all about it.

I’m not sure about that. I know she was on Dr. Oz and was talking about her addiction to cigarettes, her weight and her diabetes. He promised that he would help her with all the topics. So did she have surgery or did she have Dr. Oz’s help with the weight loss…we will probably NEVER know! 🙂

Dolly Parton had stomach by pass surgery at Cleveland Clinic never told the truth

I’ve heard rumors about many stars but Dolly has never come up in my circles. I’ve certainly heard some great things about the Cleveland Clinic! I have heard about many but unfortunately some celebs guard that secret with their lives because they make a lot of money. Celebrities make on average $30,000 per pound lost. Unfortunately we will never really know unless they admit it. I truly respect the ones that do. It is totally understandable why they don’t want to admit it. The reasons would be money, a fear of gaining it back, and the sad fact that weight loss surgery is still considered something to be ashamed of by some people. It’s obvious that Lisa Lampanelli is ALL in. She gave away her “fat clothes” and she told the world. I think that’s one of the best ways to make yourself accountable. Her husband also got the surgery so that’s perfect! I couldn’t be happier for her. She was absolutely beaming.

Its really none of your business if she had surgery or not . And if she did for you that think you know it all.  There are guidelines you have to follow and precedures  you have to conquer  before you are allowed to have the surgery.  First of all you have to loose so much weight , change your diet and excersise . So what ever she has done to loose this weight was a big accomplishment and a big change in what she eats.  So lay off.

P.s. Paula you go girl !

You are right. It isn’t my business if she had surgery or not but it’s my right to question if she is being untruthful. If you had taken a moment to read my blog you would know that I am well acquainted with the procedures before weight loss surgery. My surgery was 11 years ago and I volunteer full time helping people who have had the surgery so they can be aware of what’s down the road. I couldn’t be happier that Paula is eating healthy because she will live longer and will avoid the ravages of diabetes. All I was concerned about is “IF” she had surgery and she is not being honest, it would be a huge disservice to those who follow her. Paula is a beautiful and talented woman and I wish her the best.

This is really fascinating, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and will stay up for in the hunt for more of your fantastic posts. Additionally, I’ve shared your website in my social networks.

Thank you for your kindness. I’m not sure how skilled I am but I’m definitely passionate!

In my opinion, it looks like she did…..she has just dropped it SO fast. IF she did, I wish she would have disclosed it. I’m so tired of WLS being a “dirty little secret”. I struggled with that myself and wish I just said it LOUD & PROUD. I know it is her body and her business and that’s why I didn’t see what the big deal was about her not revealing she had diabetes. But I do think it is a modern age and we have modern medical weight loss tools that can help us. OK I”m rambling…..but to the question, YES I think she had WLS. Even if she went atkins crazy and gym crazy, which wouldn’t be good for a diabetic (atkins), I don’t see her dropping that much body fat and/or weight through conventional methods. P.S. I think she looks great and I love her either way! <3 Go Paula!

Totally agree with you Michelle! Thanks for the comment.

I agree with Michelle too. As an experienced weight loss surgeon, I am taken back by the social stigmas associated with bariatric surgery. Not making your surgical history public is a personal reference. I do encourage patients to be vocal in educating others about weight loss surgery. The more people who understand wls, the better.

Thank you so much for your comment. I talk about my surgery all the time. I’m trying very hard even if it’s only changing one person at a time!

I am starting my first bariatric counseling meeting. I will have 3 -also at the same time will be doing weight watchers online. I will then wait for approval for insurance. I have been telling everyone what I will be doing and I am getting such negative things from some people ABOUT you sure if you just ate right and exercised you would lose. Yes I would but I would be right back where I am right now. Done it hundreds of times. I also work with people who have had it done and all but one recommend it. What are your feelings? I know support is the main factor.

Rose I’m so sorry people are being so negative but I’ve answered this exact question so many times. Those people haven’t lived in your body and they won’t have to be the ones that “eat right and exercise”. I know two people who lost 200 pounds on their own and gained it back. I’d like you to see a couple of videos. It would probably be best not to tell “regular” people you are having surgery because there are so many misconceptions about the surgery. You also will have friends that don’t want you to lose the weight because you’ll end up smaller than them. Do this for yourself.

This is my story

The video below was shown at an event I did and these are before and after pictures of people. Some are further out than others so some have not lost all their weight yet. I know these people personally and I’ve known hundreds that have had surgery. I can’t tell you how many lives this surgery has saved. It’s not the easy way out and it requires work. The surgery will put you back to normal (basically) and after that you’ll have to have changed a lot of things and educated yourself or you will experience some regain. Here’s that video.

The surgery saved my life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that from others. Check around on my blog and you’ll find out so much more about what this journey is all about and more about the people who are being negative and why. I’m so glad you left a reply. I’m happy to answer any questions you’ve got. Next month will be 12 years for me. It’s been awesome!

this is really very interesting fact you have told for sure. i never thought about it but really want to know more about this for sure. I will keep an open mind but I look at the pictures at the bottom of my post and she has had a dramatic loss. this is really cool. We’ll see how much she loses and how fast. actually i’m very scared about all this. I wonder if people lose weight with this drug that aren’t diabetic and will it be abused for that? Is that dangerous too?

I know very little about this drug and of course any drug that says it causes weight loss will most likely be abused if possible. I know that during my 30 years of being obese I would have tried anything. I’m really grateful I didn’t end up permanently damaging my health before I had weight loss surgery.

I had mini-gastric bypass surgery Nov. 2000 .. I weighed 370 lbs. At only 5’2″ tall. I lost approximately 150 lbs in about a year. . And i have pretty much kept all the weight off only gaining about thirty pounds when my husband was killed in a tragic car accident in 2009, because of extreme deoression. Getting my deoression under control seven years later I was able to loose the extra thirty pounds and another thirty five by food control and water arobics. Today I am doing fine . Weight loss surgery truly saved my life and I am so happy I decided to have it.

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