Our community should give Carnie Wilson a break.

Bariatric GirlCarnie Wilson is the reason I had weight loss surgery. Some of us affectionately call each other Carnie babies.  My surgery was about a year after hers.  In 2000 there was no aftercare and maybe a couple of places you could even discuss it online.  We forget how much ridicule Carnie had to endure going first and going so publicly.  The moment I heard about gastric bypass I made the first available appointment for a consultation.  I literally did fifteen minutes of research.

Now Carnie has decided to have a second surgery twelve years later and the comments under the online articles are so incredibly cruel. Not only from the “normies” (as I certainly expected) but also from the weight loss surgery community.  Revisions are very common so we should be accustomed to those. Many of us regain so we should be accustomed to that too.  At the very least if you don’t have something kind to say… don’t say it.  We have enough problem fighting the stigma of WLS without our own community helping.  Since I have been volunteering for many years I’ve noticed some particular circumstances that seem to cause regain.  In no particular order:

1. Having babies.  Almost every woman who has a baby after WLS fights regain.

2. Not being educated properly about the psychological aspects of our disease.

3. Being super morbidly obese before surgery.  It’s just plain harder for those folks.

4. Being a woman. (Men have a far superior metabolism)

Carnie also has to do it in the public eye.  How well would you do if after your surgery paparazzi was there every time you left your house to record every pound regained or lost?  I would have crumbled. She went first so the process was a little easier for the rest of us and yet some of us pound her at the first opportunity.

She deserves to be happy with her decision.  I don’t know anyone who is perfect enough to throw stones so let’s give her another chance to be healthy and avoid diabetes.  I’ve never seen it in the “WLS life rules” that you don’t get another chance.   I would really appreciate some support for her in the People magazine online article linked below. People Magazine has particularly not given us much of a chance because every time they publish the “Half Their Size” issue we are intentionally left out.  The cover says “no surgery, no gimmicks”.  Aren’t you happy to know we used a gimmick?

Thanks in advance for voicing your support.

Thanks in advance for not posting if you are against giving her support.

Online People Magazine article

We are so strong when we pull together and nothing would make me happier than People Magazine hearing us roar!

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16 Comments on “Our community should give Carnie Wilson a break.”

I totally agree!! And people are slamming the lap-band on boards left and right. Band over bypass works with the gastric bypass she already has and seems to be fairly common. I consider that quite different than the band alone. I do wish her well!!

I think it is very unfortunate for anyone to slam another surgery. Someone already gotten their surgery and they need to believe in it 100%. If we spent as much time building each other up as we spend having surgery wars we’d all be doing a lot better. As I’ve said many times before I know people with every kind of surgery that had an awesome outcome and I know people with every surgery that defeated it. They all work. When I had surgery, gastric bypass was the only one even available. It wouldn’t have mattered which one I had because I was ready and believed with every ounce of my soul that it would work. If anyone thinks Lap-Band doesn’t work they should check out http://www.bandedliving.com/ and see what these two women have done. I know SO MANY successful banders. It’s just so useless to trash someone’s surgery when it’s a done deal. Thanks Laura, you are the best! I love and miss you!

Great post Yvonne. I can’t understand why people bash someone that’s trying to help herself. I hope that this revision will guide her to a long and healthy life. I also pray that her surgery will bring to our community the truth about regain after WLS. There are too many people who are feeling like failures because they have a regain. Maybe this will allow them to shed the guilt and continue the journey toward success, health and a long and happy life.

Thank you so much! So well written.

I totally agree with all the above listed comments. We are here on this earlth to love and support each other. The small-minded judgements of some are totally uncalled for! I’m sure their lives are far from perfect so they really shouldn’t judge anyone else. Just because Carnie is a celebrity doesn’t give them the right to bash her. I really hope Carnie does well and wish her all the best!

If we want the stigma of WLS to go away we have to stop the negative talk….especially among ourselves.

Yvonne, you are always so kind and compassionate and an inspiration to us all.  Thanks for writing this. 🙂

And that goes right back at you!!

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I’m a bariatric surgery recipient, as well. I just wanted to stop by and nominate you for my NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. You can check out the details at my site … http://foodstoriesblog.com/food-stories-award/ … Have a great foodie day!

Hello, Yvonne and everyone, I just found you guys, where have you been hiding?
I am also a Carnie Baby, RNY 2004. I am one that has gained my weight back also, but I think it was because after surgery, I had no support.
I understand how Carnie feels and I live in a small town not in Hollywood , I just cannot imagine what she must go through every day.
I support and wish he best for all of us, I know not one of us has had it easy. It takes work and I am trying to get back on track. Looking for some support friends… Hugs to all.

Karen in a way you are isolated like Carnie. I’ve heard this before from a couple other “celeb” post-ops….they don’t feel like they can do a normal support group. You are EXACTLY right. We had no support, we knew NOTHING. I was very fortunate that I figured out a lot on my own. It also helped that I didn’t see another post-op for 3 years. I assumed that when the weight starts to come back that I was to do anything in my power to stop it and I did. I never saw regain until I was 3 years out and had to idea I was “maintaining” because I really didn’t know any better. I’d like you to read the blog post about Gina. Here’s the link: http://wlssuccess.com/2010/12/beating-regain-gina-getting-to-goal-9-years-later/ There is also a follow up post. Here’s the link to that: http://wlssuccess.com/2012/03/archive-of-the-week-why-i-do-what-i-do/ I’d actually like you to read more of my blog because I address regain, addiction, support, accountability etc. I don’t post every day so it’s not hard to read it. I have a Facebook page too where it’s easy to interact with other post-ops at http://www.facebook.com/BariatricGirlPage. Thanks for your kind words and it’s nice to meet another Carnie Baby!
p.s. I’d suggest you get the book Thriving! Triumph over Trauma I mentioned in my last post too. You’ll be amazed.

here was my People mag post

Obesity is a complex disease. Those that have never been morbidly obese are always quick to condemn those that took the life saving measure of bariatric surgery. If it was as simple as eat right and exercise then people would not be overweight. It is psychological as well as physical. Physical including hormonal, genetic propensity and metabolism issues, addictive issues etc. If it was simple Dr. Oz wouldn’t be having a new diet secret to send everyone to the health food store each day. If all the experts on weight loss have the cure with diet and exercise weight loss why is bariatric surgery many more times effective?? Only a small percentage of people on ‘diets’ keep the weight off. Surgery is not a miracle cure but a tool to help people get on the right track again and save lives.

Thank you for all you do Yvonne. I tried for years to get our Dr to get a support group going and then when he did I couldn’t stand to hear him give out inaccurate information. I am still struggling to lost that last weight but feel blessed to have maintained 125+ lvs loss after my regain of 50 lbs many years ago. (((hugs)))

People who slam other people usually are unhappy with themselves, that’s why they do it. I say good luck to Carnie.
Beside the real beauty is on the inside.

I wish her good luck too. Thanks for your comment. The real beauty IS inside.

Failed open gastric bypass and will have revision like Carnie.I have NO support from my friends who had GBS . Please put me intouch  with other Carnie babys!

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