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Did Paula Deen have weight loss surgery?

Paula Deen

Did she have weight loss surgery?

Will we ever know for sure?

I doubt it.

Here are the reasons I think she did.  First of all she has diabetes.  We all know that many post-ops are no longer diabetic before they leave the hospital and that would be an excellent reason for her to make this choice.  Of course the only problem with that is her new gig for a diabetic drug.  Can she represent a product she no longer needs?  I don’t think so and that would be the primary reason I believe we will never truly find out.

The second and most obvious hint is the rapid weight loss.  OK guys we’ve all done extreme diets and couldn’t get results like that.  She attributes the thinner body to portion control.  If I’m wrong about this I will apologize profusely….but I don’t think I’m wrong.

The third hint is that statement about “Oh I don’t know how much I’ve lost because there are no scales in the house”.  She admits to losing two pant sizes.  If she were to have to admit the exact amount of pounds we could put a pencil to it and say “yep that’s surgery”.

At first I was upset because I thought this was yet again another example of WLS shame.  Star Jones tried so hard to hide her decision because she didn’t want to be a poster child and it failed miserably.  We also hide it because we are afraid we will fail and the stigma is still so alive and well.

Paula has a bigger reason to hide it.  She’s being paid the big bucks to promote a drug.

This is just food for thought but I’ve got a feeling we’ll find out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried before we find out the truth about Paula Deen.

Paula Deen