Today is my 14th Surgiversary….14 years of living life!

On March 30, 2001 I could not get inside that operating room fast enough.  As a friend of mine said when he went to his doctor for a consultation “Doc if you want to find a butter knife and start carving on me now, let’s do it!”.  In December of 2000 I heard Carnie Wilson’s story and I called a bariatric surgeon within fifteen minutes.  Yep I did a whole fifteen minutes of research.  When they started to mention mortality rates I told them not to bother.  I literally said “Put me on that table,  fix me, or let me go.” I could not live in my morbidly obese body one more day.  After trying everything known to man for 30 years, this was my last option.

The video below summarizes my journey of the last fourteen years.  I am truly grateful for a second chance at life and for all the lovely people I’ve met through our shared path.

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