Obesity Help Houston!

OK how funny is this?

After standing all day in heels my feet died.  It was 8:00PM and while I was lining up the fashion show participants I finally had to sit down…even if it was on the floor.  There’s another shot where I laid down.  

Many more pictures and video will soon follow from the event.   We had an incredible time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Thank you Obesity Help for a phenomenal time.  I cannot wait until the next one!

Many blessings, Y

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I love, love, love the new site! Very, very nice! Great type and everything! Yea team — it’s totally fab and totally you, my friend! Anyway, on another note, thanks for all of your hard work in Houston; you made the event an amazing success! Muah :-*

Thank you soooooo much. You were the very first to leave a comment on this site! I need to post your awesome video too.

LOVE the new site, Yvonne!  Will link on my blog later this afternoon.  Thanks for continuing to inspire so many! 🙂

Hello Yvonne,
It was greast getting to see you again. Debra and Ramon too. The RYD I met you at was my first. I enjoy getting to see people I have met before and to meet new ones too. We all have had an incredible journey that is a circle. it does never end. I learned that about friends in Girl Scouts when I was little. The circle’s round it never ends, that how long i want to be your friend. I had to learn to be my own friend. The one from the past and the one from the present. Each time I lost more weight I thought I was losing my best friend, the one and only one who was always with me through think and thin….literally! I am thankful for all you do to bring these forums. Blessings to you!!!!

Brenda you were so special the moment I met you. I will always remember meeting you and seeing the special light behind your eyes. (Beautiful eyes I might add) Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. Continue to be the incredible person you are because I’m honored to call you friend. hugs, Y

Coming soon is Walmart and Michelle to make healthy foods more available and affordable.

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