Thanksgiving and a new beginning.

I am grateful that I spent another Thanksgiving with my father who put his big, strong arms around me and hugged me.   After he hugged me tight I told him that I spent many years dreaming of the day he could do that again… put his arms all the way around me.  When I was a little girl I thought my dad had the biggest hands in the world.  I wasn’t so far off. One of my most valued possessions is a mold I have of my parent’s hands.  Shortly after that was made my mom lost her battle with cancer.
Even almost ten years after weight loss surgery I still remember most of the little things I wanted to be able to do…the really important things that I believe are important because we can get complacent.
We can start to take things for granted.
We can forget some of the little things that we longed for. 
Take a moment and remember some of the things that come easier now and be grateful instead of concentrating on what you do not have.  Isn’t that time better spent?
I hope you had a good holiday.
I had a great one … my daddy could wrap his arms around me all the way. 
Many blessings to you and your family, Y
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It was wonderful to see you at Thanksgiving. Your new site/blog is a winner also. You are very talented.
Love you, Carl

Carl I’m so glad you commented! Thanksgiving was awesome and when I get a chance to upload it I will share the picture you took of me with my camera. For those that don’t know Carl is my brother and is one of the truly talented photographers. He really knows what he’s doing. Thank you for checking out the blog. Love you too, Yvonne

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