Beautiful Before and After Slide Show


In 2009 we had an incredible  event in Galveston.  The people in this photograph have lost 100 pounds or more.  Several have lost 200 pounds or more.

Before the event I asked participants to send in before and after pictures.  Some of them were still on their journey.  At the beginning of the conference I played this video.  It was very moving to see these incredible faces on the screen and in the audience.  We had two or three women that were freed from wheelchairs and walkers.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. 

Mary Jo Rapini

 Dr. LoMonaco and Mary Jo Rapini were there.  A great time was had by all.

Dr. LoMonaco


 Special thanks to Sean, Debra and Ramon for always being there.

Sean, Debra, Yvonne, Ramon


 If you’d like to see more pictures you can click on the link below.

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11 Comments on “Beautiful Before and After Slide Show”

Yvonne – THANK YOU for all the great work you do with and for the bariatric community!

Wow Connie….I couldn’t say that enough about you. You have no ego and you listen to the patients. Thank you for listening to us. You’re the best.

Those pictures made my jaw drop are those lap band people or pass?

Jennifer they were every single surgery. Lap band, gastric bypass, sleeve, and DS. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember though because I believe every surgery can work and every surgery can fail depending on circumstances. Weren’t they beautiful women and handsome men??

What a wonderful slideshow and such an inspiration. I cried watching it because I know how wonderful it is to have this life changing surgery. I had my RNY bypass surgery on December 3rd. At 4 months out I have lost 75 pounds and will soon join that over 100 pound loss group. It has changed my life. Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us.

I am so happy for you and congrats on every bit of that 75 pounds (soon to be 100). Isn’t it wonderful? I remind myself every morning what a difference it made in my life. Thank YOU for taking a moment to comment. And hey….I still cry when I watch this too.

Thank you for all you strong encouragement………

I’ve seen this a thousand times..and I STILL cry…

Thank you so much for this. I was going to go out tomorrow to get the thngis I will need for my surgery, you probably just saved me an easy $100. I ordered a few recipe books today and all I have left to get is some baby storage containers, which I found little 2 oz. baby cubes that I want to get for freezing my liquid and soft foods for afterward. Thanks again.

You look great congratulations!

There are a few times that I miss a message left on my blog or Facebook page and this is one that I wish I had not missed. I wish I had said thank you because Dr. Aceves lost his life in a plane accident. It just reminds me to appreciate every single moment I have with every person I come in contact with.

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