Connie, Rosemary and Dr. Garth Davis on Houston TV!

Twins Experience Weight Loss Surgery:

*Note – My Fox Houston unfortunately removed the link.

How cute is this?

Twin sisters that will be twins again.

Thank you  (Toni)

Thank you Dr. Garth and Robert Davis.  Connie’s dream came true….literally.

Wow…this week so much positive television coverage of the miracle of surgery.


You could have picked me up off the floor!


This is your brain on food


Remember the old commercials?    

This is your brain….   

This is your brain on drugs….   

Well welcome to this is your brain on food!   

Yesterday I was happy to report that I witnessed history on television.  Dr. Oz did a show on weight loss surgery and it was the first time that I’ve seen anyone explain ANYTHING about the surgery.  They even showed what someone would eat before surgery and after surgery.  I think I want to kiss Dr. Oz…   

I’m still in a daze from yesterday and  I awake to news about food, the brain, and addiction.  The article is called …. 


OK I’m officially on the floor now.  I was sure I was dreaming but I wasn’t.  After pulling myself “up off the floor” I realized that it was something tangible that I could share….I could say SEE???  Of course no one had to do a study to tell the food addicts…we knew already.  Will I live to see the world really begin to understand the disease?  I hope so. 

Now there will be new objections to the surgery of course.  Many will say that surgery doesn’t cure addiction, surgery just puts a band-aid on it.  Well I say no to that.  An alcoholic/drug addict must seek sobriety and for me getting to a normal weight and staying there reflects my sobriety.  Why?  Because I haven’t been living in my disease and putting the weight back on.  I figured this out a few years ago and in the beginning they called me crazy.  OK, maybe I’m a little crazy but I wasn’t wrong.  It was because I worked through the addiction that I was able to keep the weight off.  

We have a long way to go.  We must get the right help to attempt to recover and the only way that will happen will be through more education.  

This has been a good, good day.

Hi, my name is Brain and I'm a food addict


A day that will live in history for the WLSFA

March 23, 2011 will forever be a day that will live in history for the WLSFA.  If you could have possibly missed the story you can see the previous posts here.     

The pre story     

Jim, Toni in back. Connie, Alfred, Rosemary seated.

 And this one     

And their video here     

Toni had a dream…and that was to help people get weight loss surgery when they’ve been denied over and over and over.  Connie was denied for ten years and if that was not difficult enough she watched her twin sister thrive after losing 300 pounds when she was approved for weight loss surgery over 6 years ago.      

Connie has finally had her day and that’s because of the vision of Toni Namnath.  There are so many involved that made this happen.  The WLSFA board with all the members, our hospital angel Trudy, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Robert Davis and so many more.  In a perfect world that is the way it works….many people come together working  for a common thread and if everything goes just right, the miracle happens.      

The miracle happened….     

And if Toni has anything to say about it, she’ll be doing this as many times as she can.     

See ya on the other side
Connie waved at me as she walked through the door.  Just walking this distance with ease would have been impossible for her a few months ago.  She joined the gym and got busy and dropped over 60 pounds all by herself before surgery.   
And don’t forget that we will all be celebrating at the Mother of all Meet and Greets and if you look at the AGENDA it will knock your socks off if you are wearing any!  
So look at this picture of Connie but don’t expect to recognize her the next time you see her.  Pretty soon we will be saying “is that Connie or is that Rosemary?”
…and that’s a good thing.

An illusion and another face of cross addiction

Pictures tell stories yet sometimes the pictures are an illusion.

I love to be creative.   The dress I was wearing was way too big and I just couldn’t bear to part with it so I played with the ways I could still use it in a photograph.  To look at this image you can’t really tell the dress is huge.  You also can’t tell that I haven’t had any reconstructive surgery yet.  It is an illusion.

Women who are covering parts of their body can be very industrious.  I remember thinking I was a master of disguise but that could have been delusional thinking because I probably wasn’t hiding how I was feeling under the layers of 4X shirts.  As much as I tried to cover my obese body for thirty years my insides were screaming “I am ugly and everyone knows it!”.  I was sure that every mean person treated me that way because of my size.  (I was wrong about that…sometimes people are just mean.)

This picture was taken about a year and a half after surgery and I was ecstatic because I felt normal for the first time in my life.  In those days “after care” didn’t exist and I was totally on my own.  I assumed after I had surgery that I was supposed to lose the weight and be at goal forever.  There was no one to say “way to go” but since I didn’t know any difference, I didn’t miss it. On the other hand I am so grateful I didn’t have anyone tell me that I would fail or that I had the wrong surgery or that I would gain it back so I followed all the rules and got the results I expected because I totally believed in the outcome.  I didn’t even have to hear  “*results not typical” even though they aren’t.  I accepted my role, ignorance was bliss, and I didn’t consider it hard or easy…it just was what it was.

Part of the reason I have worked so hard to stay at goal was because I was afraid of what lengths I would go to if I were to regain my weight.  My history of diets wasn’t pretty so why would it be any different this time around?  I didn’t want to return to any of my previously mega unhealthy methods so I worked my program every single day.

Recently I got a message from someone who is at goal but has paid a terrible price.  I have gotten several of these lately and there is no doubt that “regain messages” outnumber the ones I’m about to discuss.  Like most actions that are associated with shame, this behavior hides in hush hush places and no one wants to talk about it  openly.

We all know that many post-ops are set up to cross addict if we are not careful but the majority of stories are usually about those in the throes of chaos, the ones that have hit bottom….not the day to day present day functional addicts.

One email was from a woman that begged her bariatric doctor for diet pills to fight regain and now she has built up an immunity and it takes more and more of them to get the same affect.  She didn’t want to go into detail about how she was getting more pills from another source.  Another lady has turned into a full fledged bulimic and another has become anorexic.  The last one talked about developing a $150-$200 a day cocaine habit.

This post is dedicated to awareness about the seemingly successful post-ops that have chosen something horribly unhealthy to stay at goal.  Some of them are fighting monsters that no one knows about.  It is never fair to assume things about anyone and I think through my blog and facebook page that many post-ops have figured out they can trust me so they share some of their darkest secrets.  There are so many of us that need a safe place to fall…. where we aren’t afraid of being judged.  Some of us are so busy pointing out what’s wrong with everyone else that few are willing to trust anyone long enough to ask for help.  And for those that have no resources for therapy, I hope this opens the door for those that have written me and felt left out.  Perhaps some of the professionals in the field will hear your voices and work to develop even more strategies to help those in need.

Regardless of who we are, all of us are doing the very best we can each day.  Take a moment to reach out a helping hand because you never know who needs it the most… that seemingly healthy “at goal” post-op might just be an illusion.  If you have access to therapy, use it.  If you don’t, there are many good programs that are free of charge.  Reach out to someone you can trust because together we are stronger.  Remember to always pay it forward because it helps us in the long run and most importantly…. never forget where you came from.


WLS Peeps need your vote!

Rebecca and Jason


WLS peeps need our vote!  Susan Maria sent me a link to her post about their story.  Please read their story and pass it on. 

This is our chance to show the world that weight loss surgery can make a difference in your life. 

This is a chance to show the world that we are not taking the easy way out and how we are just normal people wanting to live a normal life.

This is a chance to show the world that weight loss surgery is not a dirty word that belongs in the back street alleys.

Please vote as often as you can.  You can vote five time a day with your email address.  We need to make this go viral and we need to unite in an effort to show the advertisers that we are strong and should be represented!