But doesn’t goal make life perfect?

Sundance and Yvonne I don’t want to make this depressing or down.  I might even make mistakes (spelling and grammatical).  Mostly I just want to catch everyone up that wants to be caught up.
I was doing my typical rescue thing with a small 3 week old kitten..done it several times but I guess this little girl was just too sick.  Sometimes moms leave the weakest link because they know stuff we don’t.  Just like I’ve always done, I got up every two hours to feed the little girl.  That sweet girl didn’t make it….and then right in the midst of that, Sundance started screaming like he’d been stabbed with a knife.  Some people can’t relate to people loving their pets like their children but when you haven’t had any children, it is all you know.  I don’t have two legged children, I have 4 legged (well three legged) furry ones and they are like my children….I may not have given birth but we love him just the same.  Having a baby that is screaming all night and not being able to ask “where does it hurt?” is heart wrenching.  You also can’t jump into the nearest ambulance to get immediate help.  You start making deals with the God of your understanding.  And just in case you’ve missed it somehow, here’s the story of Sundance before I got him.  He had a rough time of it.  No one little dog should have had it so bad.
He’s in so much pain that he’s at the vet hospital and they are supposed to be sedating him until his MRI tomorrow morning.  This is the part where we wait and hope there’s something they can find and see if there’s something they can fix.
So I’m at goal and everything’s supposed to be perfect and even though I’ve explained this before about life not being perfect when you lose the weight, this might explain it a bit better.  Am I begging?  Am I praying?  Am I crying non-stop? Right now I’m going to sleep to see if I can avoid the pain before I eat my weight in whatever comes first to my mouth.  I don’t usually complain about my personal life stuff but today I’m telling you that no matter what size you are, some things just aren’t OK.  Please pray for my flufferbutt, my beautiful flufffy white baby who has gone through more than most should ever have to.  And if you feel like it, you can pray for me too.  I need to see that boy back in my arms.  I’ll be a little offline (literally and in my mind) for a couple of days.  Hoping for that baby to return home really soon
Much love, Y
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Oh honey, I have been there with our own little babies. It’s awful. I’m prayig for all three of you, and sending big hugs your way.

Thank you Susan. You are a good and caring friend. I’ll take every one of those hugs!

I am so sorry that you are going through this diifficult time, and YES!! it makes sense that you would care so much for these precious animals. I hope things go well for Sundance. It is okay for you to need a little support and help now and then – you give so much to so many so often. You’re giving even now by sharing how this emotional time is causing challlenges for you to stay on plan. I know you have the strength to stay on plan….you can do that because you can think of how important it is for you to stay healthy to be there to help take care of these helpless creatures that you love so much. You’re showing others that you have a challenge, and pretty soon you will be able to tell us how you overcame that challenge and got through it without straying from plan. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way!

Thank you Mo. I have always known I needed a back up plan to deal with trauma and emotional pain but it’s hard to plan for something you haven’t had to deal with exactly. I’m getting all the training I need now. Thank you for giving me strength to remind me that I cannot let anything to cause me to veer off course.

Y-take all the time you need with my furry lil nephew-we’ll be here when you get back. (((Hugs))) and never ending prayers for ALL. I love y’all, with all my heart.

I know that Aunt Gina love is special love and he appreciates it. He knows how much I love you and he’s fighting to live for his mom. My God I’d do anything to help my boy.

Yvonne,   I totally understand where you are coming from.   My Sophia died about 4 yrs ago and it totally broke my heart.   I like you  love my fur babies with all my heart.    Guess we just have a “heart” for those precious babies.    Long story short…..Sophia was lifeless and just laying I too like you took her to the vet.   After a week of IV’s, exploratory surgery and me staying by her side from the time the vet office opened till they closed everyday she passed over the rainbow bridge and took my heart with her.    The vet charged me over $2000. for her care for that week.   Oh we did finally find out what was going on with her….she had WHIP WORMS !!!  I had never heard of them before.   I am praying very hard ( and have since I first saw on FB that Sundance was ill )) that he will get a miraculous healing and come back to you and Kevin.   And YES you all three are in my prayers.   Love you all !!!
 Hugs and blessings ~~~ Vivian

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