Inspirational posts from post-ops

I have a group on Obesity Help called WLS Success. If you are a member of Obesity Help (it’s free) please feel free to click on the link and join in on the fun!

This week we’ve had two particularly inspirational posts. The first one is from Molly who had gastric bypass in 2004. Molly decided to fight that nasty regain monster who tagged her with 80 pounds, Molly is truly an inspiration to those that don’t think you can win against that mean ole regain monster so I asked her if I could share her progress.

Here is her post:

In March 2010 when I set out to get back on track, I knew it would be hard. I knew I had to take some drastic measures to get my mind in the place I needed to be to lose 170 more pounds – 80 of which I had regained. In my 20’s, 30’s and with weight loss surgery the pounds came off a lot more easier than they did this time around. But I was determined to use all of my knowledge to just stick out the bumps in the road I have had over the last 6 months.

In June I had a relapse. I gained over 12 pounds and then spent the whole month of July and part of August getting that weight off. August I did everything right 90 percent of the time and only lost 3 pounds. But at least I had not gained, but still disconcerting because I knew with what I was eating and the exercising I was doing almost daily that I should have been losing at least 2 pounds a week.

Now it is September 13th and I have lost 8 pounds already for a total of 30 pounds, My BMI is back in the 40’s. My body finally realized I was not going to let it win. I was going to stick it out. When I started out my goal was 8 pounds a month. That would mean now I should have lost 42 to 48 pounds. So I am a little behind. Wouldn’t it be something if I caught up some how in the next 4 to 6 weeks. I am not sweating it. But I still think about it. I am not complaining or upset I have lost only 30 pounds. I am just reflecting.

I am very happy with the 30! I am happy because I have stop the bleeding (gaining). I am so on my mission now to reach all my goals. Maybe I will not reach them on the timetable I set but as long as I do not give up I am on my way. I still have a long ways to go and plenty of soul searching to do but I am on my way. I am making a come back. You can get back on track! I am back on track and I feel good about it. I am going all the way.

My many friends and support programs has helped me remain positive and mindful of my ultimate goals. Encouraging others has help me stay on track also. Thanks again for your support!

The second post is from KristineA, a new post-op. This is truly uplifting and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Hi everyone, just checking in. I went on a business trip last week, first time I have flown since starting this journey. I have always carried most of my weight around my belly, as I heard somebody else describe it, my body type is “imaginary fetus.” So belting a seatbelt in any car could be an issue but was always an adventure on a plane! Trying to buckle it under your belly, and hoping the attendant wouldn’t think you were faking it and ask you to lift your fat. I remember one flight where I was determined not to ask for the extender belt, and I braced my feet and pushed as far back into the chair as I could to get the seatbelt done up. And was depressed and very uncomfortable the rest of the flight. I was afraid to get up and use the bathroom and have someone see me getting the belt done up again!

Well. This time, I had a good 4 inches of extra unused on the belt. 4 inches! And for the first time in my adult life, I could put the tray table down and not have it hit my belly. How many meals have I eaten with the tray ready to slide off because my body pushed the tray up at an angle? I could not believe it. I left that stupid tray down, and put my book on it, just because I could. Halfway through the flight I realized, not only did I have the tray table down, I had crossed my legs without thinking about it. Crossed my legs! In a plane!!! I used to look over at other people doing that and be so jealous. I know it’s a little thing in some ways, but I almost cried. I got my coworker’s attention and hissed at him, “Look! Look at me! I’m crossing my legs!” I also showed him how I could move my hand between the table and my body. He was smiling for me, it was AWESOME.

I am very grateful for those members in that group who are so much like a family…too many to mention. I want to thank JEllen for being the glue that holds us together and Traci for offering to rally the troups. Again, too many to name.

I hope that Molly gave some of you a glimpse into kicking the “regain monster” in the butt. The second post makes me smile and feel all warm inside.

I hope they made you feel that way too…

Love and Light, Y

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